Tuesday, 13 April 2010

buttoned beanie

So i found a use for one of my big buttons anyway...i sewed it onto this quickie-hat that i rustled up a couple of weeks ago to try out a pattern. I crocheted the crown using some pointers from this post and then knitted a thick band to sew on, to give a bit of contrast. The band overlapped onto itself and needed a little brooch or button or something.
Gill road-tested it for me on our lovely skive-work-day", when all the females of the family took the day off and went for a fabulous coastal walk and big tasty lunch....may we have many more of them!!! Doesn't she look great?!...that's the excitement of avoiding work!


Gil said...

beautiful, retro, cosy hat... if you can see it past the chin... haha took me a while to spot anything else!

love love! XX

lyds said...

What chin? Lovely smile, lovely hat, lovely day. xox

eleonora said...

wow!!!!a wonderfull gill!!!!is so much lovely

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