Monday, 12 April 2010

sign-posted seedlings

A fun thing about this time of year is getting all the little veggies up and running! We are "seedling-central" in houseofspoon! Something that happens to me every year is that i have a mystery pot...that is one that i don't remember what's supposed to be growing! So I thought i'd get my salt-dough obsession on the case!!
now all my little babies have signposts explaining what i can hope to be eating very soon!!! Yes...there are millions of chillis!!!
Got carried away and started making fancy ones!!!
"C'mon pepper...the label is dwarfing you...get a spurt on!!!"
Now just have to make labels for the pumpkins, the onions, the shallots, the lettuce, pak choi and my favourite...rocket!!!

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Gil said...

I'm so proud to own one of these! it's just such an effective way to label plants in a more robust way. I could imagine paper labels fading, crumpling or losing their stick... not to mention how much they would already have been doused in water by me! So this is perfect!

XXX Love them