Friday, 30 April 2010

goodie guards!

With the BBQ season coming up I'm turning my mind to eating outside and getting my picnic stuff organised!! One thing I don't have is something to put over the food on the outside table... you know to stop the bugs from munching before we get to. What i do have is a lot of ivory gauze from a curtain that I made for a friend's wedding a while i picked up some wire (plain garden wire worked best, being cheap, strong but malleable) The round one was a bit awkward to get even. It's made from 5 panels each the same size. I hemmed them together and then bent the wire to fit. I added stitches along the seams securing the wire in place and thereby reinforcing the structure. The bottom seam was then bent under and a single line of zig-zag all round the base...easy peasy! The square was infinitely easier as there is only 4 panels and there's no need to secure a loose wire at the's just two long wires diagonally secured at opposite corners. Add a little circle of colour-coordinated suede at the top to hide the join and add a little tag for lifting. ...and that's me BBQ ready!!!

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