Monday, 31 January 2011

cosy reindeer ears

So this is the second redition of the headband pattern...this time it's not squirrelly forests but reindeer forests.
To download the pattern and instructions click here! Go make one..they're really fun! One word of warning though...make sure you do a gauge test of your knitting tension...i changed the brand of wool i used for this one and even though it has less stitches than the other, it turned out larger!
yay! cosy ears!


lyds said...

Looks good honey! M xox

Paula said...

Love love love this, so cute - thanks for sharing it on Ravelry. Will be definitely knitting it for winter 2011

Anonymous said...

Thanks, it's wonderful! I'm gonna make it for a college who is gonna emigrate to Sweden. A great goodbye gift!