Sunday, 23 January 2011

not-so-sure skirt

[Disclaimer: sorry about the awful blurry was a really dark miserable day with NO natural light!!]
i'm not-so-sure about this didn't really work out the way i thought. I had wanted to make a tweed skirt with leather/pleather trim, but i think it might have looked better with just the waistband and part of the yoke, rather than the entire top of the skirt. If you squint it looks like a Barbie doll abdomen (you know like a tanned plastic crotch...not really what i was going for).
The pattern was in the January 2011 issue of Burdastyle magazine and i thought it would be perfect for the tweed-skirt-with-trim idea....buuuuut, i'm just not-so-sure. I'm also not-so-sure about the godet pleat in the back instead of a split. I don't hate it...i'm just not-so-sure i like it.
I do love the fabric though!!

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lyds said...

The skirt is really beautiful, now get on with the waistcoat to tie the suit together. Don't forget the leather in the waistcoat too!
Keep up the good work! M xox