Monday, 31 January 2011

snake-back rider?

So when SuperD wants to take a break from his hard-core biker lifestyle - he tears up the track on this! (...ahem...who is that laughing in the back?) Yes it is a mini-moto, and about a foot high. These bikers are fussy about their racing comfort and apparently the hard plastic seat just wasn't doing it for SuperD's hard-core biker bum.
No padding at all as you can see....
well not anymore...oh yes he made himself a wooden base, padded it up nice and tight and wrapped it in the ever-classically-stylish faux!
One million staples hold this baby together.
O doesn't it look so inviting? lol
You're gonna make all the other boys jealous! haha!

I'f only he had a mini that would be fun to customise!! I'd put in a bulk order for metal studs and leather fringing and just go nuts!

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lyds said...

Crafting is catching in your house!
The seat turned out well. How was it last night on the track! How is it attached? It might get pinched if it's not nailed down!! Ha Ha! M xox