Sunday, 17 April 2011

dunja goes dark

o dear...with bridesmaid dress sewing taking up my every spare moment, all other crafts are suffering!! However i took a break to try something different. You know the dunja top that i made in neon yellow?....well turns out i wasn't getting as much wear out of it as i hoped...i mean, who knew acid yellow didn't go with everything??!!

So i made another version - pattern found here on the trusty Burdastyle website - this time in back cotton shirting.
I kept the ruffles but made them much smaller (6" circular with 1.5" height) and dropped the neckline at the front and back.
I used buttons instead of poppers (snaps) because quite frankly i hate poppers! I hate sewing them on through the stupid little metal holes, i hate the little sharp metal edges (i hate the plastic ones even more - totally useless!), i hate the way if you use too much thread they won't "pop", i hate the way you have to stick you nail into them to open them (gives me the chills)....but most of all i hate the way that when you put any strain on them they "unpop" loudly as if you've just split a seam!!! anyway, rant over...i used buttons!! ( i buttons!)
O great this photo looks like the neck is reality it's symmetrical, i just checked.
I've a feeling i'll be wearing this one a LOOOOOOOOT more!!!

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