Thursday, 26 May 2011

flower power of 3

Since i had so many wedding themed posts, i thought i'd just go ahead and make this marriage-themed-may. So i decided to add a couple of retro crafts from my wedding...that occurred before i began the craft blog and so i didn't take great photos of the stuff, so bear with me!

I begin with a cheat post, i had wanted to make this craft, but couldn't get the quality of flowers that my florist could, so i told her what i wanted and she made these little corsages for my bridesmaids. The idea was to be low-key and carefree, so i didn't want to have them wandering around having to hold a bunch of flowers.
I was so delighted by how they turned out - i thought they were a lot of fun and not so serious as a reserved posy would have been.

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