Tuesday, 31 May 2011

invite in a bottle

So the last weddingy post i'm going to do is just squeaking in on the last day of May (ahem - cheating notwithstanding) The invites were the first glimpse the guests were going to see of the wedding-theme. I made up little glass bottles (about 5" high - bought online) adding some sand in the bottom from Brown's Bay, the beach near my house, and some little shells - one simple white "cockleshell" from The Cove (a different beach down the street from me...in ireland there's almost always a beach down the street!!) and a tropical shell bought off the internet.

The name tag was just written on rough recycled card and tied on with string.
So that the invite could be accessed easily without sand-spillage i put a drawing pin through the ribbon and into the base of the cork. Easy as that.
It was definitely more fun to have the guests have to open and unroll their invite rather than just open the envelope. We sent some of the bottles to SuperD's family in Italy...must have been quite strange to open a package and find a message in a bottle!
And i had some bottles left over, so we used them in the table-centre beach-rock-garden things and also on the cake. I printed out little bible verses and opened them up inside.

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Phil Pennington said...


I hope you don't mind me asking- my fiance and I thought it would be a nice idea to send a message in a bottle for our wedding invites but I'm really struggling to find decent bottles! I stumbled on your blog while looking and yours look great so I was wondering where you got them from?

Thanks, Phil