Thursday, 19 May 2011

it's aimee!

And then there was the flower-girl's big sister....Aimee wore a similar style but with a "big-girl" skirt that was just A-line to the ground. (sorry about the usual i haven't ironed it before photographing!!)
This one had the same organza layer but no gathering...and the big bow of course!
I put a little label in each of the dresses to remind of the special day.
And here she is in all her finery...and with a mini fur coat too....sooo cute!!

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LittleMissPoog said...

I really love the way the dresses matched one another and yet none of them were the same! Aimee's is a lovely combo of Natasha's shape and Jodie's material. Just ties them all together nicely. It's a shame you didnt post any pics of them sans cardies - these pics don't show just how well fitted they were!!