Thursday, 19 May 2011

it's jennifer!

And last but not least...the adult bridesmaid, Jennifer. She had chosen a 2 piece outfit with a fitted bodice top and a dramatic fish-tail skirt. Again made with the crepe backed satin. (yes it needs ironed too - sorry!)
I also made a shawl/stole thing out of the organza that the girls had on their dresses. I simply cut out a shape i liked, with long pointed ends, and then baby-hemmed the whole thing.
Jennifer wanted a loop to thread the shawl though so that it wouldn't slide down on the day. I attached one to the bottom of the strap.
Rather than make something permanent I made two loops of thread that would hold the loop in place.
And rather than sewing on snaps or poppers (which i hate doing) i embedded two super-strong mini magnets inside the loop. They had a really strong closure and yet there was no scratchy snap or stitches on the outside.
I did the same label with the free motion quilting but this time used a silver embroidery thread.
And here she is!
I just had to add a link to this gorgeous picture taking by the official photographer as it showed everyone together...hope i don't get into trouble for posting his photo!!
And just to finish, i couldn't miss but to add a picture of the groom...complete with kilt! Don't they all look gorgeous!

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LittleMissPoog said...

i really liked Jennifer's outfit too (and the fact that the lining is a different but complimentary colour!) i think it suited her perfectly and the wrap/shawl gave it just enough detail. i think the magnet idea is pure genius by-the-way, see you can take the girl out of engineering but you can't take engineering out of the girl!! jonny was particularly impressed with the combination of art and science (what a geek!) Overall, top marks and a job very well done the perfect blend of ingenuity and elegance!