Wednesday, 30 November 2011

camping baby cot bumpers - babyroom2

So this is the 2nd camping themed item i've made for the baby's room - cot bumpers!

These are just to stop the bambino getting a draft, because i bought a very simple open-barred cot. They're also going to stop him getting his hand stuck between the bars or sliding his little chubby legs out through the bottom.
I apologise (as usual) for the appalling photo quality but the light these winter days is so poor that it's really hard to get detailed shots of anything in daylight.
I used the same applique pieces as i did for the camping quilt and free-motion quilted the background in the same way too.
This is at the base of the cot...
...which appears to show the washing on fire...oh dear, all the towels will smell smoky, not true campers these people, they should've known that!!
The bumpers are just tied on with little gingham ties in red and green, so they can be whipped off and stuck in the washing machine in the event of any baby-bodily-fluid explosions!!
...i shudder at the thought. Hopefully the baby will have a healthy respect for craft-effort and will keep such explosions inside his nappy (i can but dream...)

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