Wednesday, 30 November 2011

camping frieze - babyroom3

so this is the 3rd camping-themed craft we've got in the baby's room - a frieze of happy campers! (Again, apologies for the horrendous photo quality, i really waited as long as i could for a bright day and to no avail...the winter days are so dull here that photos are always a disaster!!)
I scanned and enlarged the applique templates on the computer and cut out templates from acetate sheets.
These were then masking-taped to the walls and i got all the family round to help fill in the stencils by sponging on paint from little tester sized pots.
The little hippy vans, washing lines and the tents were bringing out the creativity in us!
We layered up the stencils so that we got nice clean lines.
Then when everything was dry, i outlined each piece with black permanent marker.
We were all choosing which camper we would choose to go on holiday in...
i think this one might be's heading straight to the beach after all!
I thought a frieze would be good because when i want to change the theme, it won't be hard to paint out just this bit.
That particularly shadowy van is actually a beautiful shade of cherry red! Stupid dim winter days!!
This one has got to be for mamma - it's her camper and it's also headed to the beach (before hitting the supermarket no doubt!)
It's seems they're all meeting at the same place...but really, where else is there to go on holiday??
Well that's the full circuit of the room i think...anyone dizzy?

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Dian at said...

Could you please tell me the pattern for the camper quilt that is in the baby's room?