Monday, 21 November 2011

magic card box

So the box itself isn't magic...but the cards that Joster plays are called Magic the Gathering. He has 1000s of the cards and little boxes and cases for them all, but in the latest "expansion", as i believe it is called, there were some special edition large cards that didn't fit his little boxes. So i sensed a project and volunteered to come up with something to store them in.
I made the case all in one piece and then slipped in reinforcing bits of cardboard to fit each little section. Seams kept the pieces from moving around and then the whole box is folded up into shape and hand-stitched into place. Makes it sturday and means there are no rough edges to be seen anywhere.
I put flat magnets under the fabric so that it snaps can't see them in this'll just have to trust me that they're there!! And look, the cards fit perfectly...job done!

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