Wednesday, 30 November 2011

get well book bag

so poor lil'pill had to go to hospital for a big scary operation and is going to be sitting round the house for about 8 weeks after (!!!) so i pulled together a first aid kit of two good books (if it was me we were talking about, i'd be needing 15+ books for that length of time - but this is pill (not-particularly-fond-of-reading-when-she-could-just-watch-the-film-in-a-couple-of-hours, and i'd be astounded if she manages to finish one of them!!) and a craft project, and a bunch of sugary snacks.

I was going to bring them to the hospital for her so needed a bag. I rustled up a quick tote bag made from curtain lining (at £1.60 per metre it's usually my fabric of choice!!!) and cut a freezer paper stencil with the motif i wanted. Stamp on the red fabric paint, cure with an iron and fill with the goodies!! Done!
...after all that effort she's bound to give reading the books a go, right?....right??

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