Friday, 25 December 2009

Advent candles!

so my mamma has one of these gorgeous advent candle holders, with 4 candles which are lit one-by-one on each of the 4 sundays of advent. I requested one from SuperD, but as he was working extra hours, making Christmas pressies, wasn't feeling very well and choose a really detailed style of carved candleholder...something told me i wasn't going to get it in time for Christmas!!

So i made my own from salt dough!!! Warning: I am now in love with this medium and it will feature quite heavily this month as it is quick and easy and we in houseofspoon have been incapacitated by ill health for most of December - Quick and easy crafts are in high demand here!!
Ultra simple style made from a large square of salt dough, with the rounded-off corners just folded in. Then 4 circles are "cupped" slightly and placed on each of the folded corners to hold the candles. I added little hearts on the outside just to help to steady any wobbling candles!

Salt dough recipe: 2 mugs plain flour, 1 mug salt, 12 fl oz of boiling water
Add as little water as you can to make it into a pliable dough; knead for at least 10mins before moulding, and work quickly...salt dough doesn't keep well and can dry out and crack within the hour; into a cool oven (100 ° C) for at least 2 hours.

I painted it gold, because i'm not afraid of tackiness, especially at christmas! The space in the centre can be customised by filling with glitter, little 3-D stars (that's what i did!!) or with sprigs of Christmas greenery.

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lyds said...

Lookin' good! Ingenioius! Salt dough rocks! But only if you're creative!! xox