Sunday, 27 December 2009

dangly dough decorations

Bring on the salt dough!! I needed to make party favours for my christmas table and thought little dough decorations would do very i made all the festive things i could think of. I made holly with light and dark green acrylic paint just to see which one looked more christmassy...
haha..these little trumpets were so much fun to make!! lol
the work of 5 mins is just so gratifying with this medium!!
stars..because i love them!
candy canes (they were more difficult than they look....and i kept getting flasbacks from nursery school....rolling out big clay sausages!! lol)
these were fun and i used little letter cookie cutters that i bought ages ago, that unfortunately are no good for cookies because they are so small that the cookies turn out dry and crumbly!!

Great fun was had, especially at the painting and varnishing stages...this is a really easy craft!!!


lyds said...

Do I detect the Italian colours? "Joy to the world" is my favourite! Trumpets and holly look the business too! I'm proud to be the owner of two of these decorations! xox

Gil said...

Such a lovely thought, I have a permanent record of this delicious dinner! (Hanging in the den)

Mum asked a relevant question, how did you do the trumpets, surely you don't have 3D cutters?!?