Wednesday, 16 December 2009

skully scarf

First a wee apology for the lateness of december posting and the obviousness of the craft...i've a lot on at the minute and we're both sick and are having real difficulty dragging our germ-ridden selves to the craft room to get busy!!

These are festive kind of gifts you get to make at Christmas if you've got nephews who are obsessed with gothic metal and skull couture! Here's a wee close-up, doesn't he look very jovial??
Yes well, it was a nice easy pattern to make, cutting the shape of "the punisher" (no really, that's what he's called!..nice!) emblem and crossbones from clear acetate and then stamping the template with white fabric paint.

Needless to say it went down well...well, with the recipient at least!!


Christy said...

i love it! love anything skull and bones! ;)

LittleMissPoog said...

super concept - sounds easy and fun - just like me... oh no wait, that didnt come out right... sounds just like something i could do(phew!) i would definitely give this a go, though i night pass on the skully-theme a it too scary for me!!

lyds said...

What a shock from all the lovely posts I've read so far. Working backwards through all your December crafts, this is really the worst!! He's a bit long in the tooth I might say.
Thankfully it wasn't meant for me! Phew! xox