Friday, 25 December 2009

What a suave "Cave" you've got!!

So have you seen this label around anywhere?? No??! You're obviously not dining at the right places! lolYup, it's finally time to start posting christmas pressies without ruining any surprises!! This one is for jo, wine-maker extraordinaire!! Since his family is French and actually have a Cave (pronounced "cav", i.e. a wine cellar) I thought i would make him up a little goodie pack of insignia emblazoned accessories for his new hobby!!!
Firstly we have the all-important recipe and procedure book for all his copious notes on what made each batch great/less than great. And i made up a little wine bottle label that he can casually sling round the neck of a bottle as he brings it to the table!
Then 3 fleecy demi-john cosies for keeping that wonder-working yeast warm and hard at work making alcohol!! I put the little insignia label on each one along with a little clear PVC pocket for the wine label to go, in case he gets them mixed up!
and then we have a bottle cuff for easy serving and a double-layer decanting cloth on a hanging ribbon, for catching any deposit that may be floating around!
The labels i just free-motion-quilted with gold embroidery it was good for getting a chance to practice my limited skills in this area!!
Look out for this name next time you're eating out in style!


lyds said...

HOW did you ever embroider that lovely fancy writing?????
I think you definately have the "Midas Touch". xox
Exclusive is the word applicable here all right!!

Gil said...

I was just thinking - how on earth did you do that writing?! Free-style?! (or whatever your term was) That's amazing!
Tell me you at least used a stencil??

Fab collection!