Thursday, 31 December 2009

it's rrrrRRROCKY reindeer!

So last year i made Rudy the rude (and weedy) reindeer and was less than impressed with his muscle development and general overall "buff-ness". This year i decided to pile the pounds onto my pattern and have come up with Rocky the more robust reindeer.
He has a lot more meat around the chest and the...the...the boo-tay!!! lol

I'm happy with this size and shape...maybe have to rethink the stuffing i used since he looks a bit "bunchy" in certain areas!! Instructions and pattern are available here for download

Ooo Rocky! You are so "built"!! I'm feeling weak at the knees over here......Give us the good old bodybuilder staple pose...the pectoral clench....

ooooOOOoooo!..look at those bunched muscles...the camera loves you Rocky!!!

1 comment:

lyds said...

He must have just worked out because He's quite pink all over!
Definately an improvement on the last one! What a set of antlers!!