Saturday, 2 January 2010

cold hands - pink hearts!


O man, it is cold these days! fingerless gloves were really not cutting it. My fingers have started to die off...quite literally actually!!! The blood drains from them and i'm left with ghostly white, stiff little fingers!!

Time for mittens!!! I don't have a pattern so just drew the shape and then knitted it. It was about 34 stitches round and the thumb was 12 stitches round, and i have normal-small hands. I actually find knitting quite boring and was dying to finish them (took about 2 days of casual knitting the odd time i watched something on tv) but as soon as i'd finished i wanted to make a new pair with different shapes and colours...typical!I find normal gloves leave each finger dreadfully isolated so i needed to go old-school with a pair of kid-style-mittens (without the string to hold them on...although if i lose one the next pair will be on a string!!!)


lyds said...

AAAhhhh! If only you were 7years old again!! These look really great. Your Kids will be well clad I know! Love from proud Mama xox.

Anne said...

Hey June. Those what you were starting on Boxing Day. The scribble on the bit of paper? Well done - a true crafter!!!