Wednesday, 20 January 2010

custom concert clothing

Once upon a time my phone rang in work:
- hello..june speaking.
-'s gill, I have the best news in the world for you, you will never guess what is going to happen soon...
-what? WHAT?
-gill, i have to make clear that unless this is something about kid rock, im gonna be disappointed by this hyper introduction.....
-IT ISSSSS!!!!!!!
......and so it went on.

And that's how it happened...kid rock came to UK, did a show in London and Dublin (both of which i went!) and we had a fanTABulous time at both.

So i bought a couple of t-shirts, including one of those big shapeless standard tour t-shirts...not the kindof thing i tend to wear. So i made some modifications...i cut off the side seams and sleeves and cut straight across the neck, hemming the front to the back with a straight seam horizontally (with a reinforced band so that the neck will not stretch or sag - important because these t-shirts aren't usually great quality material). I brought it in at the sides so that it would fit tight and (here's the cheaty bit) bought a cheap long-sleeved top, removed the sleeves and sewed them into place in my tour t-shirt!!! This was because i didn't have enough material to make sleeves and couldn't get the right shade of black in my material shop!
Now this is something i WILL wear!! Yay!!!


Gil said...

This is brilliant! You must help me fix mine too!

I loved the reaction of everyone in the office when I called you that day. I had been informed of the concert a matter of seconds before my eyes welled up and I picked up someone's desk phone.

The people around me listened to my side only and were baffled that I just said:

*pause for your first answer, then*
"it is."

And that was all we could manage ... ah ... Kid, I'll be good to you... hahaha

very smooth job on the seams by the way june, you'd never know they were two different tops!!!

lyds said...

Wonder woman personified!! Definately! xox