Sunday, 17 January 2010

cosy cowl

Well the chilling winds continue on the little island of ireland so it was time for some fast craft to produce some kind of neck protection!!!

I found a pattern on ravelry but really i made so many little changes to it that i'm not going to bother linking to it. Basically, i cast on 45 stitches of mega chunky wool with 1mm needles and knitted rows in moss stitch (seed stitch in the US) until it measured 8.5". Twist the piece once and sew ends to secure. Easy-peasy and quick..uhhh...quick.....(less easy to rhyme something here)But it sure is cosy!!!

1 comment:

lyds said...

Great colour too, it matches with everything! I think children's scarves ought to be this design too, because I have to tie knots in sooo many children's scarves these days to stop them blowing away in the strong wind. Great idea huh!?