Thursday, 21 January 2010

painted plant sticks

oooo i ♥ saltdough...especially the painting bit....too much fun!! We've had a number of painting parties and here are a few of my finished plant sticks which have been "planted" in pots all round my house. The 2010 heart was made on new year's eve's a little wonky...that has nothing to do with the champagne and sherry we were sipping really, i mean it! The gingerbread man looks like he's been sipping on something his eyes are a bit crossed and "zany" looking. That's my little blue car on the far right....but i think my favourite has to be the toadstool!!!
brilliant fun anyway!


Gil said...

this is an ingenious use of salt dough creations. They are so good as models / ornament style things, and sticking them in plants means no clutter and easier dusting! Brilliant.

hehe I <3 your gingerbread man!!


lyds said...

I love the colourful butterfly! I am also a mushroom nut, not to eat but to have as ornaments! They look good all together! SUPER! xox