Sunday, 31 January 2010

snowflake centrepiece

I asked SuperD in december for an advent candleholder (when he saw that i couldn't wait, and just went ahead and made one for myself, he decided to take his time and make it a bit special. He made this up out of individual pieces (until the very point of attaching them all together, i did not understand the design at all!) But it is actually a giant snowflake.See?
He cut out all the little branches with his special christmas present scroll saw...i was delighted that it all worked out!
Then he was experimenting with decorating it...first with a wooden bowl in the centre, and then with a ring of little candles...
Then both... this one a little much?...looks a bit like an altar of some kind!! lol
...or without the bowl.....hmmm no doubt we'll keep changing it!!!


Gil said...

ahem ... -WOW-

This looks amazing, I saw some of the pieces pre-assembly and was also purely confused, but it looks incredible now it's done. Wow!

haha I wouldn't think it was a shrine or anything, but putting too much stuff on it might hide how cool it is, so just watch for that.
It's not the sort of piece that you'd put a tablecloth over or anything!!

Put buns in the place of the candles and a cake in the middle for friday!! :D hmmmmmmm......

lyds said...

flabbergasted, dumbfounded, speechless, overawed!!!!!!! Absolutely wondercrump! What hands and ideas - you leave me without words! Marvellous! Really special and individual. M xox

Anonymous said...

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