Wednesday, 10 March 2010

gill the spill

there is someone i know who is such a disaster-area (in a nice way! that making a mess is even part of the nickname that our family has given her....that's my gill-the-spill! She is so used to pouring liquid down herself, breaking stuff and setting fire to things (yes really!) that each new incident is greeted with a quiet sigh and a reaching for the nearest cloth/glue/fire extinguisher to remedy the situation....i thought i'd make her a pretty way to carry round her wipe up cloths (aka tissues)we love you pill!!!


Little Green Doll said...

I'm sure she will love it! ;)

lyds said...

Super! It's just right! I know she'll love it and not take offense at all! She knows we all love her really! xox

Gil said...

Weeeee!!! That's me! I'm almost grateful for my divinely designed crippling clumsiness, just for this cheerfully colourful 'clean up' Kleenex carrier!

That's enough alliteration for today :P Thanks woon - it's awesome!