Friday, 26 March 2010

cartoon cup club craft

so i was asked to do a craft night for my church's youth club. Think über-hyperactive early teen boys and a couple of girls as well.....yikes!!! Well i wasn't too distraught because i remembered that i brought a sewing craft to the club at christmas for the girls and it was all the boys who demanded to do it!! And a good job they made of it too!!

So it had to be Easter-y and also Spring-y...and easy to do for the non crafty peeps. So i decided on Easter baskets with a baby plant inside.

This fitted the bill because it was inexpensive (i'm thrifty, as in cheap , i should mention that) as it was made from paper cups, and it also solved my problem of the burgeoning cactus population at houseofspoon....i would hate to bin the new babies...but really i'm coming down with cactii!!
Loved these comic book style cups..they really made it!!
And here are some of the club's creations...they were at it for ages!!!

...and only had 1 stapler fight and only 3 were injured!! What a result!! (no really..that's pretty impressive, trust me!)

they really enjoyed it and that's the main thing!!!
Happy Easter!!!!

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eleonora said...

bellissimo!!!!!davvero molto carino!!!