Tuesday, 30 March 2010

supersize sweatshirt...shrunk!

So i saw this gigantic sweatshirt on offer...i think it was £3 or something, it seems that there is noone in northern ireland who is XXL....or maybe just none of the XXL bridgade likes bargains, or orange...who knows? Anyway...it had to be mine, no way was i passing up that bargain. But what to do?...it really was ginormous...Sooo, i chopped 5" of the end of each sleeve, and reattached the cuffs...then took it in about 5" on each side of the waist reducing to about 3" at the armpit and at the bottom...and reduced the width of the arms by a half....now i have a sweatshirt dress that is cosy-tastic!!! I have been wearing it constantly since i finished it!!!
And it wasn't the only bargain sweatshirt that got the houseofspoon-treatment...this one was another XXL which had the sleeves completely removed for a more spring-summer feel!!! I made the cuffs stick out a bit so you could see them in the photo, but they usually lie flat. Another item of cosy clothing produced!
I'm bringing both of these to the gorgeous Lough Melvin for our Easter family holiday...it's gonna be GREAT!!!!!!

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