Tuesday, 30 March 2010

red hot hearts!

This time of year everything in my garden is growing but nothing is flowering just yet...and that's why i need garden decorations. I didn't want anything too twee...so just went for rustic cut wood blocks in simple heart shapes hung/stuck all around the outside.Even in the gales we've been having recently...the little ♥s have stood firm!
It balances up my shed a little with the Baracca sign on the other side.
You can see the poor workmanship on this one...SuperD cringes when he talks about it...you see, i used a 99p junior hacksaw and didn't sand the edges...no i did not (D cringing with actual pain)...hahahaha!
And it's not only SuperD who is not a fan...gill's puppy amber showed me just what she thought of my rustic woodworkwomanship...apparently they are so eye-offending that they need to be destroyed...or that they're delicious...she was a little ambiguous in her reaction.

1 comment:

Gil said...

sssoooooooorrrrr-rrrrrryyyyyyy! Oh she is SUCH a bad pill. I apologise profusely... maybe dario dosed it with nutella or something??

Your hearts are delicious incidentally, I agree with Ambi.