Saturday, 13 March 2010

welcome waylon!

So i'm driving down the motorway on the way to work...beautiful morning about 7.30am, the sun is rising and i'm admiring the light on the water of Belfast Lough...i'm doing a fair speed about 70mph....and as the road curves onto the bridge over the River Lagan I am hit right in the eyes by the blinding light of the sun rays...and i mean gets me every morning. Then (since i never remember beforehand) i am scrabbling away in my handbag for my sunglasses while driving blindly with my eyes all squinty.... and EVERY TIME my glasses come out tangled in my earphones cord...not able to extricate them i put them on with the plug and earphones dangling from my face....annoying to the max! ...ENOUGH ALREADY!!! solution please!!!!!!!

Enter waylon!! (pronounced "whale-in"...yes i am a country music fan!!) I got the pattern from here! Doesn't he look happy?!

Well that's probably because he is busy helping me at this very moment to protect my ipod earphones which will never again cause me blind-driving-red-hot-sissling-morning-stress! Show them how baby!! them!! ...
Waylon! I said show them...SPIT IT OUT!!
Thankyou sweetie!


Little Green Doll said...

Wow! I would have never imagine it!! Great solution!! He's really cute!!

lyds said...

Cute and useful! Waylon is a real hit with me too! xox

Gil said...

what a brilliantly cute invention! Love it!!