Sunday, 9 May 2010

hook-hangable hand-towels

So mamma bought a towel for hanging on the back of the kitchen door...but it was too big and she wanted me to cut it in half and hem it. Only problem was, that it was then a weird square-rectangle which just looked like half a raggey towel....hmmm...what to do...?
Let's make it look like it was meant to be half-a-towel!! I had these little holiday-themed cross stitch pictures which i made ages ago. So it was a great excuse to use them too!!
A bit of bias binding to secure the box-pleats in the towel and a little piece to act as a hanger.
The best bit is that i was stitching these little holiday scenes when we were on holiday many years they have a bit of mamma's favourite thing built in....holidays!!!

Don't remember exactly where i was when stitching....probably a mix of lying on the beach at La Tranche (France), sunbathing at the campsite in Jabbeke (Belgium) or cruising through the German Alps looking over the steep sides of the mountain road....who knows??!


lyds said...

I'm really delighted with my new kitchen towels. I'm washing my hands more than ever just to use them! (Not really, but with Amber in the house now, I'm washing my hands more anyway, only now more happily!)

LittleMissPoog said...

those wee french pictures make my heart happy. im glad you've put them to such good use - now they are on show as they always should've been! excellent. functional and fancy - is there anything better?!