Sunday, 30 May 2010

powerpuff experiment

Just thought i'd post a couple of pics of my first ever quilt, i made it years ago...when i knew absolutely nothing about sewing, never mind quilting. I just wanted something bright and random that would use the embroidered picture of the powerpuff girls that i had made many years before.I made four coloured tassels, one for each corner....and the four panels were made up of patches of random material with buttons, beads, flowers, sequins and everything in between, sewed on for decoration!!! lol subtle it is NOT!!
I had completely forgotten what different patches i had made so it was a laugh to see them all again....i had sewed patches of net, voile, cotton, silk, pvc and microfleece and was annoyed when they didn't hang together!!
I made little felt pictures of each of the powerpuff girls and of their logo and sewed them into little windowed patches in the middle of each of the panels. I also blanket-stitched around millions of suede hearts that were to go around the outside edge, but when i started to attach them i changed my mind and thought that maybe i liked it better without....i never did make a final decision so left them half-done!!...naughty, naughty!!
I think the back is my favourite part! haha!


lyds said...

That's my girl - rainbow bright!
And I'm not kidding!! Quick get me a pair of sunnies! Soup doup!xox

Gil said...

Always loved this quilt- cosy in all it's techni-coolness :)