Monday, 17 May 2010

bath & buffet for birdies!

I've always loved teacups and so when i saw them made up as bird-feeders and bird-bath in one....i just had to have one!! There are lots of these online, but this is the best tutorial i found.
I had the pole and the fixture just lying in the shed, dying for a purpose so i simply stuck the fixture on the bottom of the saucer with super-glue, then perched the teacup on the saucer and glued in place...then placed a cheap teaspoon (6 for 99p - score!) on the saucer, sticking out making a little perch for the bird to stand on!
Then just filled the cup with water for bathing-birdies, filled the saucer with oats and lentils (note to real bird food!!) and perched it on the pole!
I'm not around much of the day but if i manage to get a snap of a little bird availing of the bath or buffet i will upload it here!!


lyds said...

Looks like a yellow tulip has perched on your spoon! Can't wait for the birdies to investigate. xox

LittleMissPoog said...

jolly gosh - that is a super idea!! i love multifunctionality! the wee cup and saucer is such a lovely thing to have in the garden, it makes me think of a tea-party in the garden. oohhh come on summer so we can have tea and cakes out your back garden!!

Christy said...

Your feathered friends will love it! Tweet, tweet!

Gil said...

it looks so regal sticking up in the flowerbed, inviting all the poshest birds for luncheon and a bathe! hehehe - lovely!