Friday, 28 May 2010


So I shrunk a pair of tracksuit bottoms (or sweatpants..hence the blog title) in the wash....they still fitted me but were a couple of inches too short. I could have made them into the mid-calf kind but i decided to go for something different...a skirt!!

I cut the trousers just above the crotch, giving me the waistband and a couple of inches of material below it. The trouser legs were split up the seams and cut into strips to make the frills of my skirt. I just roughly sewed them on in two layers, one longer than the other obviously, making pleats as i sewed. The rainbow trim was actually the trim down the outer side of edge trouser leg which i thought i would reuse to cover the seam. Don't look too closely or you'll notice that i didn't even measure the frills...just kindof "went for it"...maybe i'll make another one, but more carefully!!!

In the meantime...i just got another skirt to wear on holiday!

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