Friday, 10 July 2009

baby's first shooooes!!

We've just have a birth in the family, a new second cousin! This calls for a crafty pressie! There are millions of tutorials on the web for baby shoes, but to my mind this tutorial is one of the cutest...and the easiest!! I sewed up these little babies in 40mins!!!
I rustled up a little sliding box while watching a movie with poog and D last was quite an involving movie and there was no way i was leaving to go get a ruler to measure the dimensions...hence the dimensions of the plastic sleeve are a little "off"...hmm, oh well!

What a privilege it give a girl her first pair of shoes!! yay!!


Christy said...

very stylish baby shoes! congrats on a craft well done!

LittleMissPoog said...

spooners i want to have feet small enough to fit these!!!!! seriously - i have considered sacrificing a couple of toes for those babies - still might! it almost makes me want to have a baby just so he/she could wear them! one of my fave things you've EVER done!!!

Gil said...

what a gorgeous wee pressie!! June, not to spoil the mood of the craft and make it a work - but start selling these!!! Handmade and soooo cute, seriously; make a mint.
beautiful shoes, and a great gift to start her off with the right life priorities! NEEWWW SHOOOOOES??

hehe, fab.
love love xxx

lyds said...

Serriously these have the greatest aaawwwwhhhhheeeee factor ever!! Don't forget to bring them on Sun. We'll go to visit her then! xox