Wednesday, 15 July 2009

gorgeous golf supplies!

hello from sunny Saint Georges de Didonne!! (at least, i hope it is sunny, since i'm writing this on 10 July and will schedule it to magically post on 15 when i hope i will be sunning myself on the beach in a blaze of rainbow colours!!)
speaking of rainbow colours...i was trudging round the supermarket in a mood yesterday because SuperD decided that we needed more food in the house or something equally boring and unnecessary, and demanded that we go shopping on the way home from work - seriously cutting into my craft time! - when my eye caught sight of a ray of rainbow sunshine in the sports aisle. (no i have no idea what i was doing there either...i was clearly lost!)
A packet of training golf balls, rainbow coloured lightweight foam with a suede-like furry surface!!!! I was in love!!! I think they were like £1 or something!!! (aaah..sigh of thrifty ecstasy)
So of course i ran home, called my poog from the lovely gingerbelle jewellery, and told her i had some supplies for a holiday necklace but needed some jewellery making advice!!!
i ADORE this necklace...i bet it will even float when i am swimming...FUN!!!

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lyds said...

Wow wait till I get my sunnies!! What a colourful splash! Hey I didn't notice that on hols. I know I'm the most unobservant person on the planet but I think I WOULD have noticed if you had worn this necklace!!