Monday, 6 July 2009

re-run the organisational fun!

This is a bit of a cheaty repeat post of the same pattern of craft, but i was getting jealous of my mamma's one and getting really frustrated with the mountains of crumpled, but very important, pieces of paper and reminder notes that are stuffed into my handbag...time to make another organiser wrap!!!
I used little hand carved eraser stamps to decorate the material to look like the blog background, because i'm too thrifty (cheap) to buy the proper stamp-making-resin-stuff.

Try to ignore the fact that the bias binding on the left is not the correct shade of green...i only noticed that once it had been sewn on...i was distracted by a really exciting audio-book that was playing (try not to cringe, please)

"ahhhhh"...this what i say when i can locate my ringing mobile phone in my huge handbag with opposed to emptying the entire crumpled contents onto the ground and scrabbling around through the papers...."ahhh...contentment, thy name is organisation".

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LittleMissPoog said...

just <3 the apple-green colour so so much!!! any chance of little old me getting one? and by getting one i mean you peering over my shoulder, fixing all the mistakes i make as you show me how to do it! i've been well and truly bitten by the crafting bug since your tutorial day!!!!