Wednesday, 29 July 2009

sweet dreams of the 50s

My first craft love was making clothes (for Barbie in the early years and then i moved on to myself!). I don't do so much anymore so decided to make myself some cute pjs for going on holiday!

I used really light cotton for airy-ness and made a cute 50s style "onesie" with a tailored corset top and blousey culotte-type bottom, using this pattern:

I LOVE feel so "pin-up-y" in the style of the 50s posters! Plus it took an hour to sew up! score!!!


Christy said...

sexy and sassy! the perfect outfit to channel your inner barbie!

LittleMissPoog said...

looks like a tiny romper! i think you should have modelled it to give us all a good idea of what it looks like on - or would that be too racy?!

lyds said...

I saw it modelled and it looked fab! even at 8.00am after a night's sleep! xox