Sunday, 26 July 2009

patchwork passport

so i'm sure i've mentioned before that my mother is difficult to get gifts for...she doesn't want anything...and never does. If you buy her something, you get told off...really! So it's her birthday coming up and it's been tough this year to think of what to make that she will actually be able to use.
While hoking out my passport, in its sparkly pink cover, I remembered how much mamma loves travelling and holidays and so I immediately decided to make her a passport holder! (her passport is as usual flaunting itself all round Europe, cover-less and totally nakey...gasp!)
I joined 30 squares (each 6cm x 6cm) and then cut the finished piece down to 22cm x 16.5cm which is 2cm wider, all the way round the size of my opened passport.
Iron some interfacing on the back for stiffness!
There is my undressed passport getting in on some artistic photography action..."go put your cover back on you shameless pamphlet!!"

Cut a piece of the same size (22cm x 16.5cm) and attach two side pockets for the stiff cover to slip into...its a good idea to use clear pvc for the right-hand pocket so that you don't have to keep removing it from the cover during the infuriatingly invasive airport security procedures (they make me hate travelling!).

Place the two pieces right-sides-together and sew right round outside using a 1cm seam allowance, not forgetting to leave a gap for turning. Turn ride-side-out and topstitch around the outside edge using a 1cm seam allowance.

Your new improved and appropriately modest passport should fit snuggly inside.

I love the patterns of these materials...these were all from friend of my mother, who donated her scrap basket to me!! was fantastic, i was delighted!!

Now get travelling!! This one's on its way to you mamma!!! xxx

Now i'm thinking of a new one for me...with embroidered maps...or national symbols...a little eiffel tower would be fun...oooOOoo i could make a bunch of them, each one themed for a different country that i'm travelling to, and then just swap them round each holiday!!! OOO!!

True to form...i decided to make one for me too!!

In NI we are allowed to claim dual citizenship with Britain and Ireland so I have two passports...

...this one is clearly for my Irish one!

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lyds said...

It fitted like a dream and the colours are just great together! Thank you soo much again, You've no end of ideas for your hard to please Mama! Don't I know it!!
Really special! xox