Sunday, 30 August 2009

collar-tastic coat

For quite a while it had been my intention (and deep desire) to make a winter coat (it is even listed as one of my 43 things)
...this latest item doesn't really fit the bill of what i had originally intended, but i'm going to go ahead and be satisfied as if it did. The picture is a little difficult to make out because the detailks are all matt navy...See that gigantic pretentious front collar?...that's what attracted me to this pattern. It feels really funny when you wear it...funny but cool!

I think a skirt in the same material would make a really cool work suit....hmmmmm


lyds said...

That looks great Spoon, Well done on the design front! You would suit anything so I'm sure it'll look well on you. A skirt to follow? I think Yes, definitely!! xox

LittleMissPoog said...

about tme you broke out this pattern!!! i had forgotten all about it! i think you should help me remember it by making one in just my size!!!! looks soo pretty and would be divine as a smart-casual suit! while you're at it i know someone who could do with a suit just like that - bout my height, my weight (unfortunately!) is ginger and loves presents!!