Thursday, 27 August 2009

rustic from rubbish

Another day, another frame...i almost didn't post this one, being so plain and everything....but was made with the worst quality reclaimed timber, which is obviously super-cheap. SuperD cut and sanded down the wood until it was smooth and then painted it with a warm wood stain. And since this blog is really about making things in the thrifty-est way possible, it had to go in.
I love the plain frames...nice and rustic. The painting is an original that belongs to a friend...kindof inspiring in its own way isn't it? In a "rainbow-melting-forest-kindof-way"


lyds said...

I think this frame is really lovely, not plain at all! It suits the picture very well and gives it significance and presence! Is it going to stay on your wall or do you have to give it to your friend? It'll look great wherever!

Gil said...

This is so effective! Totally lovely. (Nice picture too)