Sunday, 16 August 2009

party favours!

So we had our charity auction meal last night...two couples came for a 5-course italian meal. I used the excuse to make italian-style party favours!
These are little heat mats to remind them of the night. I had a memory of the event in the form of a sleepless night and a sore stomach following the eating of far too much rich food!!....groan (holds swollen tummy)


LittleMissPoog said...

fab idea spoon!! im sure it was lovely for them not just to have a memorable night (to say nothing of delicious food!!) but also to have a wee momento to take home with them! they certainly got their money's worth anyway!!! i think they got their dinner 'chez faccini' for a bargain!!!!

lyds said...

Sorry this is a bit late for commenting but I agree with poog. What a lovely idea and they turned out really well!
I had loads of phone calls and messages to do today so am only getting on the computer after teatime. Lots of love.m xox