Monday, 17 August 2009

quilted quotes!

I saw these quilted letters on the Happy Together blog and just loved the idea! I would put text everywhere if i could and i love the idea that i could make customised banners for every party occasion.
These were actually no work at all to make as i used the already quilted off-cuts from a quilt that a friend of my mama had made, which she donated to me in one of her "scrap-stash-clear-outs". She had sandwiched quilt batting between two materials and then free motion quilted the whole lot. She must have been making a circular quilt, and i ended up with the corners.
All i needed to do was draw out some letter-patterns, cut them out of the quilted off-cuts and stitch round the edges to strengthen...and there we go, customisable banners!!
I hung this one for visitors coming for an authentic homemade italian meal at our house at the weekend! YAY!!


LittleMissPoog said...

love them - practical and pretty!!! good thinking! i hope you have enough letters to say "welcome-guys-and-thanks-for-coming-to-our-house-for-dinner-as-dario-has-cooked-up-a-storm-and-you-are-going-to-love-it!" ??!!

Happy Together said...

Love them! They came out great. What an awesome to use an old quilt so only minimal work it needed! I wish I had thought of that! lol

lyds said...

They look lovely Spoon! And a brilliant idea. Do you have tiny clothespegs to hang them up! Reusable and recyclable - what more could be so perfect! M xox

Celia said...

Lovely, lovely idea! Thanks so much for sharing!

Gil said...

Since when have you had that shelf thing??

Ps - love the banner!!