Friday, 28 August 2009


so i'm reeeeeally trying to get better at using bias's kindof my matter how simple the task, it will contrive to crumple underneath or wrinkle and fold at the is REALLY annoying!!
so on the quest to improve my binding i tried a craft that really took some awkward binding curves and joins...shamrock pot-stands!
They turned out ok and are going with us on a visit to Torino next week as thank you pressies for "gli italiani"! I can't wait!


lyds said...

I think all the practise you've had as paid off - these are perfectly done! No more beating yourself up! Love the colour too. xox

LittleMissPoog said...

they look perfect for holding a teapot while avidly watching Without A Trace while crafting - too bad they are pooging off to Italy! (I'm just jealous) - I cant decide whether I would prefer if they pooged off with me or if I pooged off to there's a thought...