Monday, 31 August 2009

fantastic fingertips

i thought that i would end this month with a bit of a summer art that is a big part of our holidays....nail painting!!! No-one escapes from my brush, not even superD and my dad! (although their patterns tend to be a little bit more masculine: moto guzzi motorbike symbols and nationality flags etc!)
i could have posted all the pics of the painted toes...but some people would be grossed out by that so i thought i would stick to falsies!!! i like to try out patterns on false nails before committing to one design. These are a couple of examples of ones i've worn to events that were special to me!

The orange flowers "fluoresced" in all lights making it impossible to photo them unless in almost complete darkness....see below!!


lyds said...

Fantastic! Have you a whole set of each? Are they reusable? It seems like a lot of work but looks fab. xox

LittleMissPoog said...

wow loooong nails there!! but i am loving the wee hawaian(sp?) flowers so so summery, the colours too! i loved the flowers you painted on my toesies on hols. you are perfecting your beauty-craft which is always super for make-over lovers like myself!! come beautify me!!!

Gil said...

so pretty! I've always loved that blue one; amazing detail.
I'm sorry I commented on loads of your posts and they seem to have vanished...?!