Monday, 30 November 2009

skating with the stars

That is a tv programme right?
I tend not to watch those kindof celebrity shows....because the people who i consider to be celebrities never show their faces...if Kid Rock was to take up ice-dancing...I'D WATCH THAT SHOW, and i know two other girls who'd be joining me on the sofa!

Anyway, back to the craft....looking for little acknowledgement pressies for work colleagues this year i decided to make a couple of the little felt ice-skates from the christmas collection that i designed. See the full sheet of patterns.
The other decorations from the sheet were made up and included in this post. They make great gift tags too, that can be hung on the tree once the present has been opened. I even made a little baby's 1st Christmas one this year!


lyds said...

These are soo cool that they are freezing!! The colours are great and an amazing 100% in the cuteness factor!
Make them a little bigger and make 24 of them and you'll have the cutest advent calendar ever! (big enough for at least 2 sweeties)

eleonora said...

WOW!!!!sono davvero graziose!!!sei stata bravissima!!vi vogliamo un universo di bene!!!!spero che il vostro viaggio andrĂ  bene!!!non vediamo l'ora che arriviate!!!XD XD XD XD

Gil said...

They are really so cute! I have no idea how you make things so tiny that neat!
You may have to teach me :P if you have seen my fur additions to the santa coat you'll know why!!

missing you in italy xx

LittleMissPoog said...

so so special and i love the colours. almost makes you wish you had a little girl to give one too... almost but not quite! in the absence of said child i will just have to get one for myself! excellent.