Sunday, 22 August 2010

camp cool

So anyway...i'm going camping at the weekend - WOOP WOOP!! I'm pretty over-excited about it, and talk about nothing else at the minute...well maybe also about craft...but nothing else! We have a brand new (palatial) tent which is fabulous but unfortunately is grey and green and sadly in need of some houseofspoon treatment to make it campsite-ready.

I rustled up a little bunting banner which i'll hang between the two bedrooms to welcome all our campsite vistors to the tentofspoon!! lol there's a whole other blog right there!
I acquired a bag of tie-dye scraps which were just big enough for the bunting pennants. Just used regular bias binding to hold it all together...
...add a few ribbons and pompoms and it's ready to liven up our rather understated canvas palace! lol

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