Tuesday, 31 August 2010

matrimonial mermaid chic!

With all that camping time taken out of the craft-time of this month, i decided to post a retro-craft to make up my 10 pieces for august.

I wanted to have something to put in my hair for my wedding that would match with the seaside theme and match with my shells & beads jewellery. Not knowing what sort of thing that i was looking for, i made a strange shape out of wire to act as a frame and then attached shells, pearls and beads in my wedding colours. SuperD drilled little microholes in each piece for me...yay a team effort even then!
This is the underside...kindof messy, as you can see!!
And this is the piece on the day...thanks for the photo Roj, i'm so glad i have the craft evidence!!!
All my gorgeous bridesmaids had little mini versions on kirby grips to match each of their dress colours...gorgeous!

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