Saturday, 21 August 2010

jorinde jacket

Wow thank goodness that is over!! I made another of the free patterns from Burdastyle, the Jorinde Jacket.

I should have read the reviewers' comments on this one before seems that everyone was having trouble following the very vague instructions!! The pattern is labelled as advanced sewers only, but really there is no need for advanced tag, if only the instructions were clearer (ie. "made any sense") then i think anyone could make it! It's like: "sew that part to the other piece and snip into the corner"...what part? to what piece?...what corner???? groan. Also a few pictures wouldn't hurt!! A couple of times i just had to go freestyle and hope for the best!

That said, it turned out pretty well so i might be tempted to try it in a nicer material...i said might be tempted...but just not yet!!! When the memory of the nights of frustration and the millions of tea-breaks spent whining to SuperD about the pattern, have faded from my mind....then i'll have another go!
...but really what do i want from a completely free pattern??

Note to self: stop complaining and get crafting!

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