Tuesday, 31 August 2010

HOT wall hanging!

With the bumper crop of large chilli peppers that has resulted from my finally having a real greenhouse (thanks SuperD! Ti amo!!) we are looking for ways to dry them out to keep them good for longer...because really...how many chillis can you eat at one time?!

We have a bowl in the kitchen where a bunch are drying nicely, but the difficult thing is that must be kept very dry or else they go off, and start to rot....NOT what i want for my beautiful home-grown babies!

The best thing to do is to hang them! I made a quick plait out of raffia to hang in the kitchen to hold some of the bigger drying chillis.
I wove in little pieces of raffia with mini clothes pegs tied to each end, so as to attach and remove the chillis more quickly and easily.
The clothes pegs aren't very visible from a distance and it really makes it so much safer for the chillis as, while they dry, they shrink a little, so if i had just tied them on, they would shrink and fall out....perish the thought!!!
Now...i fancy attempting a chilli-wreath of some kind...more raffia please!!!

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